Pharmacy Concierge Services

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Our Concierge Service offers patients and caregivers a direct line of communication to our pharmacy and other important healthcare resources.

Gwinnett Drugs offers the patients a free monthly medication delivery service throughout the city of Lawrenceville call for details to see if you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a pharmacy concierge service?

At Gwinnett Drugs, we offer our patients more than just a delivery service. With our Concierge service, you will receive medications directly to your bedside upon discharge and continued service directly to your doorstep at home.

What is the Unlimited Concierge Service?

The Unlimited Concierge Service offers unlimited monthly deliveries to the patient’s residence. A patient’s doctor may often add or make changes to a patient’s medication therapy. For $9.99 a month, no matter how many changes are made to a patient’s prescriptions, he or she will receive their monthly medications along with any new or changed medications.

Why should I use the concierge service?

With our service, we will ensure that all of your medications are delivered SAFELY and in a timely manner. In addition, we work with your physician to find medications that will work the best for you and be cost effective. We eliminate having to wait at your local pharmacy and aim to provide you not only a product that is personal, but also a service that exemplifies excellence.

Will Gwinnett Drugs deliver products other than my prescriptions?

Yes. During one of your scheduled prescription deliveries, we will gladly deliver over-the-counter medications from our pharmacy as well as durable medical equipment (DME). These items will be reflected in your monthly billing statement.

How do I sign up?

To get started, ask your nurse or social worker to provide you with one of our concierge service enrollment folders. Inside it, you will find all of the forms you need to sign up.

Do I need to provide my social security number on the enrollment form?

No. However, if you will be using your Medicare Part D insurance with us, providing your social security number will allow us to confirm your plan details.

How will I be billed each month?

Each month, you will be sent a billing statement in the mail. Payments can be made via check (mailed or written in person), via credit or debit card, or by enrolling in our auto-billing service via credit card.

When is my first payment due?

Your first payment is due upon the bedside delivery of your discharge medications.

What am I paying for when I am billed?

If you enroll for the traditional, free monthly delivery concierge service, your bill will only consist of your medication co-payments. If you are enrolled for the unlimited concierge service, your bill will consist of the $9.99 monthly fee and your medication co-payments.

Is my billing and personal information safe?

Yes. At Gwinnett Drugs, the privacy of your personal and financial information is our priority. We are committed to the security of this information and, under federal law, will not disclose it unless authorized to do so with your written consent. It is both our duty and a pleasure to provide you with any further information or answers to your questions about our privacy policy and HIPAA regulations, so please contact us.

I don’t live in Gwinnett, can I still get my medications delivered?

Gwinnett Drugs delivers within a 15 mile radius from our location, but exceptions can be made. PLEASE feel free to call us if you think you may not be in our delivery radius and we will work to accommodate you as best we can.

What if I want billing statements to be sent to multiple addresses?

If you have any special requests regarding your billing statements or methods of payment, please feel free to contact our pharmacy so we can work with you individually.

As a nurse or social worker, how can I offer this service to Salude patients?

As the patient nears his or her discharge date, or if he or she expresses interest, simply offer the patient one of our informational/enrollment folders. If they would like to learn more about our pharmacy or service, we are available via phone, email, or in person when our concierge staff are on the Salude campus. In addition, we have provided each nursing station a Call-to-Action Chart so that you may document any patients with interest. Our concierge staff will use the information you provide on this chart to personally discuss our service with either the patient or their care giver.

What if I only want to use the service while I am at Salude?

There are absolutely no contracts. Once you enroll and receive your free bedside medication delivery, you may decide to no longer use our concierge services. If this is the case, we will gladly transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice—simply have them give us a call.

If I have questions, who can I ask?

Our pharmacy will have concierge staff at the Salude facility twice a week. While a patient at Salude, if you are interested in our services, please inform your nurse or social worker so that we may reach out to you directly and answer any questions you may have.